Navigation Spine Surgery

O-Arm 3D Navigation

What is Navigation Spine Surgery?

Navigation surgery technology

Navigation surgery is a technologically advanced procedure which has been gained momentum in the last few decades. The special software used by the surgeon creates a 3-D image on the spine, quite like a blueprint of your spine anatomy. During the surgery, much like the GPS in your car, the surgeon can track the position of the implants that he is going to place. He can view exactly where the implant might be fitted and then make adjustments to the position of the implant to ensure accurate placement.

Before your surgeon begins the surgery, a machine, similar to a CT scan machine, takes images of your spine from different angles and planes of view. These images are then downloaded in the computer that assists the surgeon. However, it would be wrong to think that this system replaces the skill of the surgeon. It only assists the surgeon in conditions that could be difficult to view through the naked eye. It does not make a bas surgeon good, but makes a good surgeon better.

What Are the Benefits Of Navigation Surgery?

Navigation Surgery is often used in Minimally Invasive Surgical techniques where the surgeon has a relatively small view field and cannot see the anatomy of the spine with ease. The companies behind the technology are constantly upgrading their implants and softwares to further improve the accuracy of their systems. The advantages of this technique include:

  • Accurate planning of incisions and trajectories with any instrument
  • Safe placement of implants, especially in anatomical critical areas
  • Guidance for posterior incision and approach for minimally invasive implant placement
  • Reduction of X-Ray exposure to surgical team and patients
  • Real time visualization of instruments in 2D images, 3D scans, MR or CT scans
  • Assistance in complex deformity correction and tumor surgery
  • Surgical planning within the navigation software

All these advantages to the surgeons and the patience ensure a smooth surgery with less complications. Studies have shown that surgeries performed with this technique have lesser chance of implant failure and therefore there is a reduced incidence of revision surgeries. have lesser chance of implant failure and therefore there is a reduced incidence of revision surgeries.

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